Networking is more than handing out a business card or sending an email, it is the confidence to introduce yourself, engaging in two-way conversation, and being committed to keeping up with your new connections. Networking can happen in person or online, and can happen formally, such as by attending a networking event, or serendipitously, like meeting someone in an elevator. Connector NL is a formal networking program, where we put a Connectee in a strategic networking session with a Connector, however knowing how to handle the expected and unexpected networking situation is important. The best way to learn about networking is to get out there and network; here are a few resources to help you along:


Networking for Newcomers:


Networking with Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime:


Attend networking events hosted through local Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, and Industry Associations:

St. John’s Board of Trade

Gander & Area Chamber of Commerce

Exploits Regional Chamber of Commerce

Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade


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