The Connector

Connector NL puts job seekers in Newfoundland directly in touch with business owners and operators, managers, civil servants, community leaders…people like you. This simple but effective referral process allows Connectees to quickly join our workforce and settle successfully in our community.

It’s no secret, people go where there’s opportunity and Connector NL helps people identify opportunities and seize them.

Who Are Connectors?

Connectors are people in our community who know large numbers of people and are in the habit of making introductions. Connectors know people through social and professional circles, and have a special gift for bringing people together.

What is the time commitment?

This program requires a minimal time commitment. As a Connector you are expected to meet with a Connectee for a 30 minute meeting. You only meet with this person once. You may be asked 2-3 times a year to meet a person for a one time meeting.

How does Connector NL work?

Connector NL is a simple but effective referral process: the Connector provides the participant with three contacts, and then each of those three contacts provides additional referrals. From here, a participant’s basic network is formed and through one-on-one meetings the Connector and participant discover opportunities together.

Connector Benefits

By becoming a Connector you will benefit from:

  • Access to local talent
  • Knowing you are opening doors for people and helping them succeed in our province
  • Making our province a more welcoming and diverse community and contributing to talent retention

Connector’s Role

  • Meet with the participant
  • Listen, ask questions, and share knowledge of current market demands and the skills required in your field
  • After the meeting, you should be able to provide the participant with 3 other relevant contacts in their industry. Each of the contacts will be asked for three more referrals, essentially creating a basic business network.

Connectee’s Role

Many employment ready and talented people in Newfoundland have the skills and education to secure work. But with very few connections to their industry, it makes it difficult to find employment. Connector NL participants should:

  • Arrive prepared and on time for meetings with Connectors
  • Demonstrate professionalism during all meetings and respect the time and dedication of the Connector
  • Ensure business inquires and concerns align with the goal to find work in their related field
  • Take the initiative to e-mail the subsequent contact with the next round of Connectors/other referrals provided
  • During and after meetings, write down important notes that may help throughout their job search
  • Track the meetings with Connectors to use as references and referrals into the next round of Connectors

The Process

You will be matched with a Connectee who has similar educational background and work experience as yours.  Once a match has been made, the Program Coordinator will introduce you to the Connectee via email.  Please respond within two weeks and provide the Connectee with a time and location to meet.

Connectees are job ready and aware that the goal of the Connector Program is to enhance their networking skills and current job search strategies. They are aware that there is no guarantee they will find employment through the program.

After your meeting, you should be able to provide the Connectee with 3 referrals within your network. Those referrals are encouraged to provide another three referrals, and so on and a basic network of business leaders will be created. The potential contacts are limitless, and it is up to the Connectee to maintain their network and make the most of the connection meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure participants are employment ready / ready for a Connector NL meeting?

Each Connectee is screened by the Program Coordinator before being matched with a Connector. What some Connectees may lack in work experience they make up for in their skill set, education, positivity and willingness to learn. The basic business network created from this program will better connect them to the opportunities available in our province. If you have any doubts that the person is employment-ready, please share your concerns with the Program Coordinator.

Do I need to keep in touch with the participant?

For this program, we don’t expect a ‘mentor connection’ where you would routinely keep in touch. If you would like to be connected on Linked In or through e-mail, that is up to you but it is not expected. We do hope though that the participant will share good news with you when they secure employment, etc.

What is best? Internal matches, external, friends?

We trust that you’ll do your best in coming up with at least 2 and preferably 3 good people for your Connectee to meet. There is no ‘perfect’ match but we know that expanding contacts based on similar interests and backgrounds works well for new professionals, new graduates and newcomers.