September State of Mind

To me, the new year doesn’t start in January. I know a calendar officially begins on January 1, and businesses operate on a fiscal year, but I’ve spent most of my adult and working life in an environment that revolved around September being the start of the year. You planned for September, anticipated the “September Rush,” and launched all your big ideas and started new projects in that month.

So what does September mean for you and your job search? For one, a company’s human resources process can pick back up after a summer slow down. Jobs were posted in the summer months, however posting and hiring for a job can involve numerous people, and they might have been on vacation when they were needed in the process. This can be nerve-racking if you apply for a job in June, or interview for a position in July, as it’s a waiting game to hear from the next person in the hiring process. Normally in September, most people are back to work and the process is faster. Another reason September is great for your job search is it’s the major recruiting season for many large companies. You will see an increase in careers fairs and information sessions in the fall. On the surface these school events may seem reserved for new and upcoming graduates, however most schools will allow alumni to attend, and recruiters hire for a multitude of positions, not just entry level.

As good as these reasons are, I know I might be alone in this September love fest, and that’s ok. September also marks the end of summer vacation (or summer itself for some), a return to a faster pace, more traffic, and maybe when fashion requires you to pack away your white clothes. I know, it’s sad.

But I think that energy and ideas begin in September. People are returning to work after a period of relaxation, schools, universities, and colleges welcome the new and returning students to their halls, and it’s a time to get back into our routine.

So I hope you too can embrace September, and all the change, energy, and career potential it brings.

September State of Mind

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