Two years ago, the St. John’s Board of Trade introduced a program that has seen great success. We are proud to announce that we have expanded The Connector Program. Corner Brook and Grand Falls Windsor are our two new regions that will support The Connector Program, this will be managed here at the St. John’s Board of Trade. Growing St. John’s and growing our province is the ultimate goal and this program set’s out to achieve just that.


The Connectors

Meet Brendan: Brendan is a familiar face around the BoT. He has been connecting people and helping grow St. John’s with the board for 4 years. His Passion is Pearl Jam and Family but helping create connections, solving problems and helping small business is what drives his professional career.


Meet Shanna: A slick new grad who who just get’s it. Shanna’s work ethic and creativity will bring great things to the Western Region. Shanna relocated from St. John’s to Corner Brook, she’s eager to contribute to a team that is clicking on all cylinders. Were lucky to have her!


Meet Ashley: Ashley began a very successful career here in St. John’s and never once lost her desire to return to her home town to create greatness. From day one her plan was to create a network in St. John’s that would lead her home, and she did just that. Ashley has a passion for the Central region and she won’t stop until the end goal is achieved.


How does the Connector Program benefit our membership?

  1. Access to local talent
  2. Increased awareness about your organizations and industry
  3. Knowing you are opening doors for people and helping them succeed in Newfoundland
  4. Making Newfoundland a more welcoming and diverse province
  5. Reducing your risk when hiring a new employee with pre-qualified candidates

In just two years your St. John’s Board of Trade has built a program from the ground up. We have to date over 100 connectors and 100 connectees. We have expanded to two locations and have secured a sponsorship with RBC. We have helped countless people gain confidence, network and most importantly, find meaningful employment.


Were ready to go! We are trying to grow our province one person at a time, one connection at a time.

We are all Connectors!


Meet Brendan

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