Hello! I am Shanna and I am the Program Coordinator for Western Newfoundland. I am living in Corner Brook and working in partnership with the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade. I am originally from Corner Brook and recently moved back to area from St. John’s where I completed two degrees at Memorial University. This is my first professional job after graduation and I am very excited to get this program started!


I fully believe in the benefits of Connector because I have lived the frustration and stress that comes with not being able to find gainful employment. This is especially exasperating when you consider the vast amount of opportunities available in other parts of the country, but you really wish to stay in the province. I really enjoyed living in St. John’s and I had planned on staying after I had graduated for two reasons: it was the only place I could find a job in the province are there and I wasn’t ready to move off the island.  However, it didn’t take long to realize that this was not the case…. seriously, not at all. I struggled to find a professional job and ended up working full time in retail. Searching the job sites became a daily chore and I started to believe that leaving the province was inevitable. Luckily, I stumbled upon a job advertisement that made me say “I want that job!”. Long story short I got the job, packed my things, and made my way back home!


I am very excited to be able to take Connector NL to Western region because I know without a doubt that I would have benefited from participating in the program… Now I have the opportunity to help people currently in the process of searching for a job! These networking opportunities benefit everyone because business leaders are given access to the talent available in the area and job seekers are meeting the right people and increasing their chances of finding employment right here!


People often say West Coast, Best Coast and I have to say I agree! We live a beautiful region and although we are faced with certain economic challenges we are sitting on an incredible amount of potential! I am looking forward to exploring this wonderful part of the province and meeting the like minded locals who desire to see it grow and diversify!

Meet Shanna

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